"I dread tax time."

"I spend a lot of time getting all my tax information together for my accountant."

"My QuickBooks data is always a mess by the end of the year. I end up paying my accountant a lot for the time it takes to straighten it out."

"I think I'm doing my QuickBooks right, but things always seem to get messed up."

"QuickBooks is so complicated. Wouldn't it be nice if someone could make a computer program to run QuickBooks for me?"

Someone has! It's called SmartContractor...

In fact, that's a good way to think of SmartContractor: a computer program that runs QuickBooks for you! SmartContractor is designed so that you do everything in SmartContractor, and SmartContractor will automatically make all of the entries in QuickBooks for you.

When you run SmartContractor with QuickBooks, all you need to do in QuickBooks is print checks!

But the best part is that SmartContractor enters everything in QuickBooks consistently, correctly, and completely, so that all you need to do at the end of the year is send your QuickBooks data to your accountant!

No more spending time getting your tax information ready for your accountant. SmartContractor does it for you!


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