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Construction Invoicing - AIA G702/G703 Payment Applications

SmartContractor allows you to automatically generate invoices and AIA G702/G703 Payment Applications with no additional data entry. All data for invoices and AIA Payment Applications come from data in the job estimate (for Fixed Sum contract work), and from your actual job costs (for cost plus and time and materials contract work).

Invoices can be printed is a standard pre-formatted invoice form, or in a customized "draw request" document, or as a industry standard AIA G702/G703 payment application (schedule of values) form.

All forms of invoices can be printed or emailed.

SmartContractor automatically writes your invoices to your QuickBooks database.


Job Costing – Estimated vs. Actual

Estimate and track item costs separately by Materials, Labor, Equipment, Subcontract, Other.

Enter actual job costs against purchase orders, or the job estimate (if you don't use purchase orders). Only enter actual item counts or costs if they vary from the purchase order/estimate. No duplicate data entry!

Enter actual labor hours against work orders, or the job estimate (if you don't use work orders). Only enter actual hours if they vary from the work order/estimate. No duplicate data entry!

Report estimated versus actual job costs by Job Phase, Job Section, CSI Division, or by item, or by item with cost detail information.


Change Orders

SmartContractor allows you to easily track change orders with miminal data entry. Change orders are entered against the job estimate; you only enter information about what items are changed to, so no duplicate data entry! View sample change order.

Change orders can be printed in the SmartContractor change order form, or formatted as an AIA G701 Change Order Document.

Change orders are automatically appended to customer invoices and draw requests and AIA G702/G703 payment applications.

Change orders can be printed, emailed, or posted to the customer's job information web page.



SmartContractor automatically generates invoices and AIA G702/G703 payment applications from the data in your estimate (for fixed sum contracts), or from the data in your estimate plus your actual costs (for cost plus or time and materials contracts).

Invoiced can be generated based on...

  • Item completion status
  • Percentage of job total
  • Percentage of individual job items
  • Job Section
  • Cost Category (materials, labor, subcontract, equipment, other)
  • Job Phase
  • Item Assembly
  • Estimated cost (for fixed sum contracts), or Actual cost (for time and materials or cost plus contracts)


Deposit Tracking

Enter job deposit. Deposit receipts are automatically written to your QuickBooks data, posted to a separate "other current liability" account.

When you create invoices, you can apply any portion of the deposit to an invoice, and SmartContractor will automatically post journal entries in QuickBooks to transfer the deposit apply amount from the other current liability account to your construction income account.


Payment Tracking

Enter payment receipts. Payment receipts are automatically written to your QuickBooks data.


Job Recap/Final Billing Summary

Job Recap report provides a one page job summary and complete accounting history: (view sample)


Cash Flow, Summary Reporting

View sample reports:


Inventory Management

SmartContractor allows you to track inventory in any number of storage locations (warehouses).

The Inventory Listing report shows your current stock of inventory by location.

Once you have recorded the inventory count for a product, SmartContractor will automatically check your inventory locations for inventory at two points in the program:

  1. When you select the product in the Edit Estimate form. If the product is found in the inventory of a warehouse, the program will display a note telling you that you have inventory in the warehouse for that product, asking if you want to use the inventory for the estimate. If you click Yes, that warehouse will be selected as the "vendor" for the product, and the inventory cost per unit (entered in the cost column of the Inventory grid in the Edit Product form) will be copied to the estimated cost.
  2. When you create a purchase order in the Create Purchase Orders form. When job items are loaded into the PO item list, if an item does not already have a vendor assigned, the program will check to see if there is inventory for the product available in any storage location. If sufficient inventory is available, the warehouse will be assigned as the "vendor" for that item.

Note: When checking for available inventory of a product, SmartContractor will not include the count of the product that has been "reserved" (purchase ordered) by other items (in the same job or other jobs). Inventory of a product is "reserved" when the product has been purchase ordered from the warehouse. A purchase order from a warehouse is entered in the Create Purchase Orders form, and is exactly like any other purchase order except that the "vendor" is the warehouse.

SmartContractor will reduce the warehouse inventory count of a product when you enter a "purchase" for that item from the warehouse in the Enter Purchases form. When you select a warehouse in the prompt for Vendor in the Enter Purchases form, SmartContractor will subtract the purchase quantity from that warehouse's inventory. If you delete the warehouse purchase entry, SmartContractor will automatically add back to the warehouse's inventory.

The Inventory Listing report shows the count of product inventories for each warehouse, and any "reserves" (purchase orders) against the inventory. "Reserves" appear immediately below each product listed. Each reserve line shows the count of the product that has been reserved, and the name of the item and job for which it has been reserved.


QuickBooks Integration

While providing all of the construction specific accounting features listed above, SmartContractor also integrates with QuickBooks.

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